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  • Record images of your rental properties for future reference!

    It is getting harder and harder to get your full deposit back these days, with rental agencies nit-picking every little detail. RentersRecords.com makes it simple to take a photo with your cell phone or camera and post it to your free account. You can even share your pictures on social media or by email, make your images public or private, even create detailed descriptions for each one!

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Posting your Images is Easy as 1-2-3


Simply register yourself on the website. Provide your name and username, make up a password and Register. Then login to the website.


Once you login to the website you can then go to the link "Manage my Pictures" in the menu and click “Upload” to begin adding your pictures to your folder.


You can organize your pictures into Sub-Categories of your main folder, YOUR NAME. This way, you can upload images for multiple rental properties or items.